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Having qualified internal resources to carry out Internal Audits is always a challenge for most organizations. Well-trained Auditors can carry out Internal Audits that uncover several issues that need fixing prior to having a 3rd party audit. Waiting for a Registrar to uncover findings can be embarrassing and costly. Navistree Consulting can carry out your Internal Audits and provide the needed support up front so you can maintain your certification.

Suppliers and outsourced processes quite often pose a significant risk to Manufacturing Operations. In many cases, organizations are too strapped for resources to conduct Supplier Visits and Audits. Especially when it comes to the Automotive Industry, the farther down the tier chain you go, the greater the risk. Navistree can carry out Supplier Audits as needed to ensure that you can maintain confidence in your supply chain and provide you with vital information to make informed decisions.


Customized classes (including exams for certification) in a variety of ISO Standards listed below. Classes can be in person or virtual. Course Material and Breakout Exercises will be provided.

•  IATF 16949 – Automotive Industry standard

International Automotive Task Force (IATF) is a conglomeration of several Automotive OEM’s that have come together to create this standard that is built upon ISO 9001 as a foundation. There are in excess of 6000 Automotive Suppliers worldwide that are required to maintain this certification in order to eligible

•  ISO 9001 – Business Management System

This is perhaps one of the most commonly known ISO Standards and applies both to product and service companies. An ISO 9001 Quality Management System helps an organization monitor its Operations, maintain quality, manage risks and enhance Customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 is quite often the basic standard that is a foundation for various other standards. Practiced in 163 countries, reviewed and updated over 4 decades there is immense collective wisdom and value in this standard.

•  ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

This is an internationally accepted Environmental Management standard that companies use to stay on top of several legal and regulatory requirements that ensure that they are responsible citizens when it comes to the impact of their operations on the environment. Ensuring all Compliance obligations are met. This standard ensures a safe work environment for the employees and the surrounding community if the operations involve elements that affect the air, water around them.

•  ISO 45001 – Health & Safety Management System

This standard will help organizations improve employee safety by providing a rigorous process to assess workplace risk and create safer working conditions overall. It also provides a platform for employees to voice their safety expectations, manage risks arising from external contractors carrying out work in the premises, and ensure all legal and regulatory requirements are followed.



Navistree Consulting has done dozens of successful implementations from Mom & Pop companies all the way to multi $Billion companies that cover both the product and service segments.


Most engagements start with a Gap Assessment audit followed by an Implementation plan that can last anywhere from a month up to a year or so. This depends on the maturity level of the Management System. Typically this involves a deep dive with Top Management to understand the Core Values, Mission and Vision of the company. This includes:

  • Developing a Process Map that outlines all the key processes that make up its Operations.

  • Ensuring that all Processes have a Process Owner

  • Metrics and KPIs that are being tracked etc.

It is typical to sign a Confidentiality agreement at the start of such engagements.


Coaching happens in a safe and judgment-free dialogue between the client and the professional coach. Within that safe space, we quiet the outer voices and focus only on what matters to you. As your coach, I help you understand your value system and preferences in order to unleash the vision and courage to define your personal goals - whether they are for your life, your career, or your legacy. My clients find it helpful to step away from the busyness of their lives to reflect and be curious about what could be. As a coach, I listen deeply and offer new perspectives to explore.

Coaching is transformational because it creates more awareness and thus more choices. Together, we define your very own path to pursue your dreams. For some clients it is about moving away from unhealthy relationships, for others it is creating more joy and engagement in their work. It's about both the small and the big changes in life. Don’t wait to start defining what that means for you and moving toward it!

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“Coaching is a profession that has synthesized the best from business, psychology, communications, mentoring, counseling, consulting, sports, philosophy, spirituality and finance. A coach challenges you and takes the time to find out what a winning life means to you. A coach focuses on the skills you need today, in order to create what you want now and for your future, versus focusing on your past and how it is affecting you.”

–The Vancouver Sun


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Coaching is personal, and the relationship needs to be a good fit from both sides.

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